Travel Charger

Universal Travel Adaptor Charger Momax 100W/65W/35W/20W US/EU/UK PD QC
Rp 310.000 11%
Rp 275.000
Universal Travel Adaptor Momax 17W US/EU/UK PD Charging Wall Charger 
Rp 285.000 4%
Rp 275.000
Universal Travel Adaptor Charger Momax 1-World GaN 70W US/EU/UK PD QC
Rp 899.000 25%
Rp 675.000
Universal Travel Adaptor Charger Momax 1-World GaN 120W US/EU/UK PD QC
Rp 1.350.000 30%
Rp 945.000


Powerbank Magnetic MagSafe Momax PD 20W Qi Wireless 15W Fast Charging
Rp 736.000 25%
Rp 555.000
Powerbank Magnetic MagSafe Momax USB C 20W PD Wireless Fast Charging
Rp 596.000 15%
Rp 505.000
Power Station Portable Momax iPower Stone 40000mAh 100W Charging Bank
Rp 2.800.000 38%
Rp 1.750.000
Powerbank Magnetic MagSafe Momax Q.Mag 10000mAh PD 35W Fast Charging
Rp 796.000 26%
Rp 589.000
Powerbank Momax iPower PD 5/2 20000mAh 20W QC 3.0 Quick Fast Charging
Rp 396.000 18%
Rp 325.000

Wall Charger

Adaptor Wall Charger USB A/C Momax ONEPLUG 67W 3 Port GaN QC 3.0 PD
Rp 775.000 52%
Rp 375.000
Wall Charger Dual Port USB A/Type C Momax 25W PD Power Fast Charging
Rp 210.000 31%
Rp 145.000

Cable Collection

Cable Data USB C Lightning 2 in 1 Momax 1-Link Flow PD Kabel Charging
Rp 400.000 38%
Rp 250.000
Cable Data USB Type C to C Momax Braided 100W PD QC LED Fast Charging
Rp 225.000 34%
Rp 149.000
Cable Data Type C to C Silicon Momax 1-Link Flow PD 100W Fast Charging
Rp 179.000 30%
Rp 125.000
Cable Data USB C to Lightning Momax 1-Link Flow 35W PD Charging Kabel
Rp 265.000 32%
Rp 180.000
Cable Data USB A to iPhone Lightning Momax MFi 2.4A Fast Charger Kabel
Rp 199.000 32%
Rp 135.000